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INVEST in a Rare Earths domestic supply chain company that’s backed by U.S. Government contracts

Raising up to $5.35 million

Terms: Units priced at $1. Each unit consists of one Common Share and one ½ Common Share purchase warrant exercisable at $1.25 for a period of 36 months from the closing.

The Ucore Advantage
Exclusive interviews with Ucore CEO, Pat Ryan
Why Invest in Rare Earths
Ucore’s Critical Metals Separation Technology


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Consider investing in Ucore Rare Metals for the following reasons:

  1. Ucore operates a Commercial Demonstration LREE & HREE Separation and OEM Product Qualification Plant, showcasing their expertise in sustainable REE separation.

  2. They secured a significant US$4 million contract with the US military, establishing themselves as a trusted defense industry partner.

  3. Louisiana offers up to US$15 million in incentives for the first strategic metals complex, highlighting Ucore's potential and the importance of a strong domestic supply chain.

  4. Ucore Rare Metals is currently undervalued, presenting an attractive investment opportunity with promising growth prospects and increasing attention from the US government.

  5. Ucore is gaining recognition as a potential "company maker" partner for the US government, opening doors for substantial partnerships and advancements.

  6. The company is actively constructing the first modern technology rare earth processing plant in North America, demonstrating their commitment to innovation and their leading position in the industry.

Investing in Ucore Rare Metals offers the potential for substantial returns, given their unique approach, growth prospects, government recognition, and ongoing commitment to innovation.

The Top Line – Ucore Rare Metals Inc. with Pat Ryan, CEO


Corporate Presentation – June 2023

The rare earths metals ex-China market is projected to jump from $7 Billion to $15.5 Billion by 2030


Why are rare earth elements so important?
Rare earth elements (REEs), which comprise of only 17 elements from the entire periodic table, play a critical role to our national security, energy independence, environmental future, and economic growth.

Why are rare earth elements so useful for modern technology?
They generate sound waves in your headphones, boost digital information through space and shift the trajectories of heat-seeking missiles. Rare earths are also driving the growth of green technologies, such as wind energy and electric vehicles.

What is the largest use of rare earth elements?
Manufacturing permanent magnets is the single largest and most important end use for REEs, accounting for 43% of demand in 2021.

Why does China control rare earth metals?
China is reportedly moving toward banning rare earth metal exports to keep high-tech advantages within the country.

Ucore Chairman & Interim CEO, Pat Ryan, on Ucore’s Business Plan

Commercializing RapidSX™ – Critical Metals Separation Technology


Ucore Announces Brokered Offering of Units for up to $5.35 Million

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